The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption.

Using next generation ionization technology, the perfectpH eliminates excess pH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants’ immune system.

Using ion technology, the PerfectpH attracts and captures the charged particles that influence pH, targeting pH problems at their source and keeping pH in the ideal range for proper growth.

PH is a measurement of charged-hydrogen concentration, and as this concentration changes growers then see spikes or drops in their pH value. What growers are actually witnessing is an excess of positive (H+) or negative (OH-) hydrogen ions building up, which then inhibit the plants from properly absorbing the nutrients they need. Without the PerfectpH, this then requires growers to keep constant attention to make sure that the pH is maintained in the proper range.

The charts below represent a recirculating hydroponic system, where the plants themselves alter this hydrogen ion-concentration by releasing hydrogen ions into the water/nutrient mixture as they grow:

Excess H+/OH- ions build up in the system during photosynthesis, causing pH fluctuation, blocking nutrients from proper absorption, weakening the plants’ immune systems and diminishing yields.

With the PerfectpH, excess H+/OH- ions are attracted and captured from the system, creating a balanced pH, a healthy reservoir environment and greater nutrient-use efficiency, resulting in healthy plants and great harvests.

The PerfectpH acts as an outlet for these ions, capturing ions that would otherwise raise or lower pH outside of the ideal range. Simply drop the PerfectpH capsule model into your reservoir or connect the PerfectpH Inline Edition to your pump, no power required.


Reduce costs by eliminating frequent reservoir changes, chemical buffers and increasing yields.


Daily pH test are a thing of the past with perfectpH.  Be sure your pH is always in the safe zone.


Plants work less when the pH is correct. This allows the plants to focus on doing what they do best, growing.


100% Regenerative sustainability means no landfill waste, no wasted water, and a happy planet.

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